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We’re proud to announce the 2022 SUCCESS Emerging Entrepreneurs!

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At the heart of every enterprise is an entrepreneur who had an idea.

At first, it was just an idea.

With determination, willpower and maybe a little charisma, it transformed into a business.

And that is the legacy of the entrepreneurial spirit.

At the heart of every enterprise is an entrepreneur who had an idea

SUCCESS celebrates that spirit with the Emerging Entrepreneurs awards.

These awards will recognize 25 of today’s brightest entrepreneurs.

We believe these innovators will inspire communities, impact industries and realize a legacy all their own.


Emerging entrepreneurs are risk-takers with a vision.

They embody hard work as they grow their small businesses, startups, large companies and social enterprises. SUCCESS recognizes these rising stars who have allowed nothing to stand between them and their dreams.


SUCCESS understands the passion and commitment it takes to reach the top.

And entrepreneurs are no strangers to the peaks and valleys of success and failure. That’s why they keep climbing—because no matter what, the pinnacle of success could be one step away.


As a 125-year-old business, SUCCESS understands the weight of legacy.

That’s why we’re committed to recognizing entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey. We want to celebrate the visionaries who seek change, demand greatness and dream of making a difference for generations.



1What are the Emerging Entrepreneur awards?

The Emerging Entrepreneur awards recognize the rising stars of the business world. They are the individuals who have poured everything into the creation of an idea posed to leave a tangible impact for generations. We honor their innovation, determination, and contributions to the world.

2Who can be nominated?

We are accepting nominations for rising entrepreneurial stars of all categories, including:

  • Small businesses
  • Scalable startups
  • Large companies
  • Innovative entrepreneurs
  • Social entrepreneurs;
  • And more!

Nominees should be entrepreneurial up-and-comers who have shown promise and ambition and are near the pinnacle of success.

3How do I submit a nomination?

To submit your nomination please visit our Submit a Nomination page.

For your nomination, please provide the following:

  • A professional bio (250 to 500 words);
  • A high-res headshot ( 1MB or higher);
  • Your contact information; and
  • A one-time processing fee ($695.00).

We highly encourage all nominees to submit a professional headshot and professional bio, as your nominee profile will be visible to thousands across our various digital platforms!

4What should I include in my bio?

Bios should include your profession, title, designations, and an engaging summary of your personal and professional accomplishments. Please remember that nominees are visible to both our viewers and our judge panel, who will review all profiles to determine the honorees.

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